Lush So White Bath Bomb


This So White Bath Bomb from Lush is another pretty little thing from there Christmas range so is only available for a limited time.

And it is so nice i have to say i was a little worried that i wouldn’t find a nicer bath bomb after using the Snowman a few day’s ago (which i also wrote a review on) but this one is just as nice although in a different way.

Because although this look’s like it’s just going to be plain white you get a surprise when you pop it into your bath when the outer layer fizzes away to reveal a pretty pink center which mixes together to create a lovely strawberry milkshake type of look on the top of the water and then turn’s the actual water a beautiful rose pink color which just look’s amazing.

And as for the scent at first it doe’s have a slight rose hint to it but then after a few minutes that turn’s into an amazing apple scent (i adore apple scent’s so this was brilliant).

Also your skin will feel super soft after using this thank’s to the bicarb in it.

This will make a great Christmas present for a loved one and is huge too so i think you could even split this into two which make’s it really good and the perfect treat.

Lush So White Bath Bomb is available for a limited time at your nearest Lush Store or online at for £3.25.

Thank’s for reading.

Love Benita x


5 thoughts on “Lush So White Bath Bomb

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    • Hi there 🙂 This so white bath bomb is lovely but i think if you wanted a moisturizing one i would go for the snowman bath bomb (which i have also written a review on) and is the the Christmas version of there butterball bath bomb and is really like a body butter and one of my personal favorites and i have quite sensitive skin too and find they are lovely x

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